What is the project about...

Art is from time immemorial a fantastic instrument to inspire people and to provoke thought. Nudity in art isn´t just in the modern era a proven way to attract attention and many artists use this element of nudidity as an artistic provocation.

The project "I SHOW FLAG" started in Hamburg in 2014 and is unlimited in time. The goal of this project is a positive perception for more awareness, acceptance and education. An opportunity for a special encounter of self-awareness and dealing with intimacy and self. Above all, the heteronormal view of society on the human body, especially on the female sex organs, is to be critically illuminated. The confrontation with personal vulva cast not only gives the opportunity to look at the own intimate area from different perspectives, but also the possibility of imagining the diversity and individuality of each individual. Regardless of any "adult" age, body type, ethnic or geographic origin, it is almost impossible for the observer of the molded intimacy to draw conclusions about these attributes. Countless online content convey the ideal image of a vulva to the broad population. The inner lips are small, symmetrical and discreetly hidden under the exterior. At the same time, the traditional illusion of male and female sexuality is marked by the visibility and size of the external genitalia, femininity by the invisibility and smallness of the (internal) sexual organs. In this way, especially the porn industry conveys a fake idea of ​​bodies of both sexes. The representation of the genital area is omnipresent in times of the so-called "Generation Porno". Thanks to the Internet, pornography and eroticism are more accessible than ever before. Often confronted with free-moving imagery - even without a deliberate search - an anatomical ignorance with incorrect language usage and false beauty ideals is created in the case of excessive consumption, especially among young people. Through artistic creation, new symbols of interaction are sent to break the androcentric normativity and subjectivation ...!

The I SHOW FLAG Project also attracts the attention for respect to international understanding and against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

​The female genital area is a very private and protected body part and generally remains hidden to the public. In order to give maximum power to its statement, the participants decided consciously to make this revealing statement as their “painter’s canvas”. The geometric shape, the similarity to each other with individual small differences, and the fact that you cannot draw conclusions about the age or skin color of the individuals, nor their body size and abundance in the selected section.


I am looking forward to future ventures, at least in terms of my past achievements and herewith would like to thank all my models, who have been involved in my projects and have supported me so much!


I SHOW FLAG - Promotion Trailer

I SHOW FLAG - Promotion Trailer II

I SHOW FLAG - "This is a man´s world..."

The casting process...

The pure casting process takes about 10 minutes. I use alginiate as an impression-making material for creating the negative form. Dentists also use it for their dental impressions. It is non-toxic,  and will not hurt after taking it off the skin.


You lie on a comfortable mattress covered with single-use foil to guarantee best hygiene conditions. Optimally you have to be completly fresh shaved in your genital area.

After mixing the alginate powder with water, the mass will be poured over the body area, that will be casted.  After about 2 minutes the mass thickins to a gum like material. To save the form this mass will be covered with some layers of plaster bindings. Thats it for you....

This negative form will be poured with plaster. 45 minutes later the alginate/plaster bandage layers were taken off and the cast is ready to for drying.


From casting to painting...example of the whole process

This is an example of the casting process.. My first external casting in the rooms of a dentist clinique.

Thanks to my model Larissa for permission to make their photos show on my website.


Some Videos from my youTube channel

Press & Media

Hamburger Morgenpost Nr. 239/35 31.08.2016 page 14/15

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Lauri (F 34) from Australia

​"...Growing up in the 80's and 90's I used to feel very self conscious about my vulva, I didn't get to see many diverse representations of vulvas and their many shapes, sizes and colours.  I have larger inner labia, which can protrude quite noticeably during different stages of my cycle and it was always something I was embarrassed about and feared was 'abnormal' (I now know that's crazy).  Since I've gotten older and have a better understanding of the beauty and individuality of each persons vulva I have come to celebrate and take pride in the differences that mine 'mine'..."


Britta (F 44) from Denmark

"...I show flag - I show Dannebrog! Dannebrog is the oldest national flag in the word. According to the myth, Dannebrog descended from the sky in the year 1219 in Tallin, Estonia. I´m proud to represent this flag in this art project.For every Dane freedom to speech is inviolable. Based on this I get scared when I look around the world and see, how oppressed children, women, men, black people and people with other religions than the one which is dictated, can be.
One world is enough for all of us. One life is the only we have. Respect is the only thing we need to show. Responsibility for each other and for the nature to the next generations.
By showing the most fragile and private part of my body, the most intimate place my statement is sincere - representing what I am and nothing else..."


M. (F 33) from Poland

"...With this selfie I am rising my voice about my own body. Who is to decide on what I can and what I can not show? Where is the line between porn and art? Being a part of this project gives me control on my body appearance..."

Bintibelle (F 27) from Kenya

"...I am glad... it feels as if it is time to break old taboos that are keeping us back from loving each other and ourselves. Thank you for choosing this powerful message and sharing it in this way..."

Allie (F 21) from USA

"...You know I just realized this while looking through your page, that there really isn't a lot of images of the vagina in its real form in the world and how that creates mystery/shame. I find what you do beautiful, educational, and of the highest flattery. You show it in its real form in a way that's unique and specific. Truly a work of art. And I'm a fan..."

M. (F 25), Phillipines

„...for me participating to your project is also the first step for me to actually embrace my sexuality and break free from this culture...“


Natascha (F 18), Australia

"...Your Art projects are so odd yet fascinating, I just can't stop looking. The female body is amazing and I love how you convey that in your art, showing the diversity and types of female parts. It's so cool and I think that's what art is all about. I like it a lot!..."

Sena (F 28), USA

"...It is anonymous and I like that in terms of universality and the intimacy while providing a very body positive message, I personally haven't seen anything close to what you do in terms of body positivity and female genitalia in the world and I find what you do really important, showcasing and celebrating the female form, in a way that isn't sexualized and very natural..."

Beatriz (F 29), Australia

"...I find important to visualice women vaginas as something natural. Not something to be hidden..."

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