March 25, 2016


D. from China currently lives in France to study. Her visit in Hamburg was a gift for me, because she loves it to participate to the project!
After MALAYSIA this was my second cast from East Asia! It was a short but great time with her! Thank you!



"... It was really a new and interesting experience for me. Mirko is such a nice guy. Although I was in a rush in Hamburg at that time, I made it and I felt happy to be part of the project. Be open-minded and participate. I'm sure you will have fun.. Hope your project is going well, Mirko! Best wishes here lol.. :

February 19, 2016

Freya from New Zealand showed flag

Freya: "...When I was first messaged by Mirko about taking part in the project I was interested from the start- it's definitely a unique experience! I found myself going to Hamburg for a concert and thought "Why not!"
Mirko is really laid back and super professional in taking the cast. Its obvious he's passionate about his art and his message, and I'm super glad I decided to take part! I was even lucky enough to get a cast of my own to take home :-)..."
Thank heaps Mirko, and good luck with all future projects! :-)

January 31, 2016

Tayhana from Argentina joint the project today...We are excited to see the final painted flag! More information the next days...

....The experience of meeting Mirko and Nadine was amazing!! I'm so happy about it, I went to Hamburg specially to participate in his project and I can't regret it! Mirko receive me in his house and everything was really smooth and friendly. In the beginning I was thinking in putting myself incognite with the project but at the end I was feeling so confortable and the vibe with Mirko was so nice that I also makes some videos for him to promote the project ;) Mirko and Nadine have a very nice art sensibility and their house is full of it. Nadine also give some delicious cookies. I hope that our path will cross again somehow in some moment at some place, really grateful to meet you both! ❤️ and good luck with the project I'll put my grain of sand as well..."

January 10, 2016

Today Marilyn visited me to show flag. It was a very cosy atmosphere and we have had a lot of fun. I cannot wait to color the malaysian flag when it is dryed up. Thank you so much for participating!

MARILYN: "...I met up with Mirko for his show flag project. I am very honoured to be part of it and I do wish his exhibition will happen in near future and that people from all over the world could be part of it. Be open minded and view this art work as a precious creation. Mirko and his girlfriend is really respectful people. Nice and kind and welcoming. If you do consider participating, don't worry he is really professional. ..."

December 20, 2015


 Mártá from HUNGARY:

"...I hope more people are going to be brave and join your project. I also took part of it. It was an honour to represent my home country. Thank you! Good luck for the upcoming countries :D..."





December 19, 2015

Marina from Scottland:


"...I met up with Mirko to take part in his art project "I Show Flag". I'm so glad I got to contribute to the project. It's definitely something I'll never forget! He was super professional during the cast masking and taught me lots about different types of Indian massage techniques..:"





August 15, 2015


"...My friend and I stayed with mirko for our first couchsurfing experience and what a great first impression! Mirko is a lovely, warm and kind host, showing us around his local neighborhood and making us feel at home in his amazing apartment :) We had some very interesting discussions and I participated in his project which was such a great experience! Thank you mirko for such a great time and hope to meet you again sometime in the future :)..."


August 3, 2015





 "...My night at Mirko's house was definitely my most unforgettable couch surfing experience. Mirko scooped me up from the train station, made us a scrumptious pasta meal, and provided us with entertainment throughout the night. Maybe we'll see ya in Spain ;)..." (Elli from USA)


August 1, 2015


"...I stayed at mirkos (indeed really amazing) appartment for two nights, one was a spontaneous offer, thanks a lot for that and even trusting me with the keys =) I can only agree with the other references, mirko is such an interesting and open person! Since I am travelling alone I have to be double-cautious but everything was fine, he was really caring, always nice and honest and there were no weird situations. Mirko, I stop the praises now, otherwise you'll sleep on your couch forever :) thanks for everything and enjoy the crazy couchsurfing world :) ..." (Melinda from SWITZERLAND)





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April 18, 2016

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